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Due to the success of the project in giving quilts to each country attending the 2012 Games in London and also the Special Olympics we have been asked what next?  The project had been asked where people could send quilts that they had made, so this seemed to be the most logical way forward with A Gift of Quilts.  Both Jenny and Sharon have  always encouraged people of any skills and ability or any ages to make quilts and a number then asked where they could donate them.  On the following pages you will see details of many organsiations, charities, groups and personal charity fund raisers who are seeking donations of quilts and in some cases other textile items to help with their fund raising or to give to an organisation e.g. neo-natal units.

Through our work for the Olympics in 2012 we have received sponsorship from Coats UK in the form of fabric.  Much of this we use for fund raising but recently came across this idea of making a "Rag Quilt" to show how you can use the fabrics that we have available.  Packs of designer fabrics at a cost of £5, sufficient to make the top of a quilt, can be purchased from us at A Gift of Quilts, 6 Barrow Hill, Goodworth Clatford, Andover SP11 7RG. Please use the contact form at the end of the menu to enquire about colours available.

You will need:
A sewing machine 10” squares of fabric for the top *
10” squares of wadding10” squares of backing fabric
Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting board
Thread to match Usual sewing kit, i.e. scissors, pins etc.
 * The number of 10” squares is determined by how big you want your quilt.

1. Make a sandwich of one top, one wadding and one backing square and then stitch on the diagonal from corner to corner, forming an X (your square is now quilted!)
 2. Continue in this way until all the squares are assembled.
 3. Now lay them out and decide on a pleasing placement and take a photo of the  design you really like.
4. I prefer at this point to label my squares with a row and placement number i.e. A1,A2, B1, B2 etc.
5. Pick up the first two squares (A1 and A2) and pin them wrong sides together so that you see the seams with wadding on the top. Stitch together with a 1 inch seam. Continue in the same way with the rest of that row.
6. At this point take a pair of sharp pointed scissors and cut into the raised seam at about 3/4” intervals all along the seam without cutting into the stitching and do this on each seam of the row. 7. Make up all the rows in the same way remembering to cut into the seam at this stage.
 8. Begin joining the rows together matching the seams of the backing fabric so that the back looks nice too. Cut into this long seam as you did for the squares, it is much easier to do it at this stage than when the whole quilt is completed.
 9. When you have assembled all your rows and cut into the seam allowances stitch around the whole quilt and cut into the edge.  By doing this cutting when you go to the next stage of washing the quilt the seams will fluff up and make a really nice effect.
 10. When washing your quilt I recommend that you just put it in the washing machine on the shortest programme you have and use cold water; no detergent or conditioner. I dried mine on the line but you could also tumble dry.  Please also remember to check your filter as the bits can clog it up. And I speak from experience!

A Gift of Quilts can put you in touch with groups or individuals who would be willing to help you. Or there are very many web sites who offer how to make a quilt including different techniques, finishing methods and quilting.

In a recent edition of the Radio Times there was a plea for knitted items for premature babies, children and adults to be made an donated to the people of Syria who are suffering so much.  Winter is coming on and many of these people will be living in tents and makeshift housing.  Winters in Syria are very cold. Tiny babies, many premature, and the elderly may not survive the cold weather. Please look at our Who Wants What second page for details.

Do you know of an organisation who needs help? Do send us the details so that they can be posted on this web site.

A Gift of Quilts is pleased to have the continuing support of Coats Crafts UK who have been very generous with supplying fabrics for numerous projects.

During 2015 A Gift of Quilts is supporting the work of the National Needlework Archives at Newbury by sponsoring advertising for their events and exhibitions.