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Due to the success of the project in giving quilts to each country attending the 2012 Games in London and also the Special Olympics we have been asked what next?  The project had been asked where people could send quilts that they had made, so this seemed to be the most logical way forward with A Gift of Quilts.  Both Jenny and Sharon have  always encouraged people of any skills and ability or any ages to make quilts and a number then asked where they could donate them.  On the following pages you will see details of many organsiations, charities, groups and personal charity fund raisers who are seeking donations of quilts and in some cases other textile items to help with their fund raising or to give to an organisation e.g. neo-natal units.

A Gift of Quilts can put you in touch with groups or individuals who would be willing to help you. Or there are very many web sites who offer how to make a quilt including different techniques, finishing methods and quilting.